Limited Access Drilling

Landshark Drilling can solve all of your accessibility or limited space issues by using any number of our limited access drilling platforms.
Our custom limited access drill rig has the capability to auger, core, mud rotary, wash bore and tri cone  within a clearance of 7’4”. This unit is equipped with an auto hammer for SPT requirements. The unit can access a 24” opening and the drive unit can be located outside buildings, basements etc with its 150’ hydraulic lines.  It runs 24” tooling. 1 1/4” well installations are possible with this unit. This unit paired with our MT85 Bobcat allows for limited access Geotechnical and environmental investigations in backyards with a 36” opening.
PDTS (Percussion Dual Tube Sampler) is specifically designed for low clearance and reduced access areas. Utilizing hydraulics and a percussion rate of 1750 bpm, we advance an MC5 dual tube sampler. Removal of sample tubes is completed with a hydraulic puller for ease of operation. 1” well installations with no cuttings makes this a great environmental investigation option.
The Pionjar drilling system is specifically intended for low clearance and reduced access areas and is an ideal option for indoor residential drilling investigations.
Our Limited Access Tripod with a 70 pound hammer can be completely disassembled and even backpacked into remote and difficult to reach locations.
Where physical access is less of an issue but is inside a building or area of limited ventilation, Landshark’s direct push drill rigs are pre-modified to facilitate this application. Using technology specifically designed for the mining industry to operate in enclosed space and limited ventilation areas, this proven air scrubber equipment enables our direct push rigs to operate indoors while harmful carbon monoxide is safely removed.